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Forensic Computer Services

Are You a Victim of Cyber Crime?

We Can Uncover Your Company's Hidden Losses.

An expert performs forensics on computer hardwareCyber crime affects virtually every business in South Africa today. We can provide the evidence needed to detect, prove or prevent your company's losses. Industrial espionage and the use of company resources primarily computers but also cell phones, SMS, and PDAs for private purposes, are often hugely detrimental to a company's business interests, and represents one of the biggest and fastest growing areas of white-collar crime affecting all companies small and large.

Though executives may suspect the company has a problem, they have little conception of the real dangers and insufficient knowledge to tackle them head-on.

With the user's ability to trash files at the push of a button, even an experienced network manager is ill-equipped to find this modern-day equivalent of a needle -- or rather many needles -- in a field of haystacks. Even if the network manager is lucky and manages to find the evidence, the simple act of viewing the evidence changes key dates and times that may make the evidence inadmissible in a court of law, or even a disciplinary hearing.
The fact is that very few individuals have a full grasp of what electronic data exists on their computers, where exactly it is stored and what transactions are being undertaken.

Our experts can find those needles quickly, forensically correctly and cost-effectively. Their use of internationally recognised tools and methodologies make it possible to provide tested forensic evidence of what has taken place, and the expert testimony necessary for successful court action.

Fraud takes many forms. This ranges from unauthorised discounts, providing proprietary information, supplying intellectual property to competitors, and running of an employee's competitive private business alongside the employer's legitimate business utilising the employer's computer network. Virtually all companies, whether they acknowledge it or not, have serious problems with extensive private use of email, and unauthorised and unproductive hours spent surfing the web in pursuit of private interests or entertainment, including pornography.

The time to stop this menace is now. If you suspect any level of wrongdoing is taking place you should act now; the quicker you limit the damage, the lower will be your eventual cost.

Even if you are confident that your losses are trivial at the moment, making an inventory of electronic data on which to base an effective IT policy is a sensible and practical first step to limiting your company's potential liability.
By helping you to identify, acquire, restore and analyse electronic data, we return control to you.

Importantly, our wide-ranging experience of criminal investigation enables clients to have the relevant data including compressed, encrypted and password-protected files made available in a forensically correct, admissible format.