Grudko Associates: Security and Investigations Since 1980

Background Checks

South African employees are literally 'hunted' around the world because of their well deserved reputation for hard work ethic, their sociability, honesty and slightly old world charm. Unfortunately there are occasional exceptions and so it's always wise to check that the person you are considering employing or granting a financial facility to is who and what they say they are and that they have not left a series of problems behind them. We can do that for you; efficiently and discretely.

There is also a serious need to conduct an extended due diligence on any South African company which you might be considering doing business with. Our investigations into companies represent 10s of millions of US Dollars every month - money which is often in danger of being defrauded.

About 10% of our work is background research and another 15% goes deeper, into Due Diligence. We have access to the following information:

Online - Standard search

  • The 2 major SA credit agencies, ITC & KreditInform (personal and company credit history, ratings and adverse reports, including Civil Court records)
  • The Company Registrar
  • The Deeds Office (9 separate data base searches for properties registered, property related contracts, i.e. mortgages, and sequestrations)
  • Telkom (telephone directory including reverse directory)

Online - Expanded search

  • Employers Mutual Protection Service (a record of staff dismissed for dishonesty)
  • The proprietary Wolf Data Base (a record of reports of corruption and fraud)
  • The ITC 'Hawk' data base (a record of reports of aliases, theft and fraud)
  • All major SA newspaper/magazine archives

Offline - Expanded search (where permitted by law - signed releases by the subject may be required)

Access to:

  • police records
  • bank records
  • insurance company records & information
  • cellphone records & information
  • telephone records & information
  • Department of the Interior records (ID verification etc.)
  • Emigration (boarder control) records & information

Standard search - usually 2 working days, expanded search 4 - 5 days.

  • SAPS official criminal record check. We require full fingerprints on SAPS form a copy the subject's SA ID document, and a letter of authority from subject, taking 16 - 40 working days.
  • A computer only data base check does not require the above and takes about 1 - 3 days.
  • Driving License or ID verification is also available.

Many clients are surprised at how inexpensive it can be to obtain professional services from us such as:

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Prevention of loss of sensitive information (Counter Intelligence)
  • Security advisory service and surveys
  • Credit checks on persons wishing to open accounts
  • Background checks on companies wishing to use their services
  • Human Resources when staff problems occur
  • Polygraph testing for pre employment, in employment and when loss occurs
  • Tax consulting
  • Competitive intelligence to increase the size of their business
  • Full investigations prior to mergers, sales, acquisitions and before major purchases.